If Bebolt was a person...


When I was young, they made me sit at a desk for 6 hours every day. I grew up. 

I could never stay put at school, and if the teacher wasn’t talking, I was. 

Even now, I find myself talking... I want to transmit myself through myself.

I’m always on the run. The world runs faster than me. That’s why I take quick decisions.

Some might say they are hasty decisions. I say I’m spontaneous. 

On cold evenings you might see me going for a run in my shorts. People look at me confused, that’s how I know I glitch the matrix. 

I always bump into walls to see if they are real. I’m not going to live in this Truman show.

And if you don’t find me running, you’ll find me with my newly discovered craft beer, commenting its taste.

Society wants me online, segregated on a web page. I want them outside, face to face.

As my favorite rapper puts it: "I’m that crazy energy that pulls the limits when the disconnect from this dull, concrete quotidian happens.”


*clinks unfiltered beer*

Here’s to the misfits, the rebels, the ones who detach from the daily routine. (be here, be now, bebolt!

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